Saturday, September 23, 2006

Introduction - Declaration of intent

Hello and welcome to our little `Linux From Scratch' project.

This blog will document the process of our reading and implementing the LFS book.

A bit of history which lad us to this discussion:
We (Maxim, Xenia and Gabriella) have came to conclusion that Linux is

1. Cool
2. Fun
3. Educational
4. Beneficial
5. Productive

Those we decided to introduce our self's to this system "for fun and profit".

After examining several approaches in the form of: LiveCD,, Several user forums and cetera. We came to the conclusion that we should follow the true nature of Free Software evolution paradigm, the true power of the movement if you like to catalog it by some concept. We decided to do this the community way! We realised that for this to be enjoyable process we should make the learning process a community oriented task. Another motivation is to "Understand the system from under the hood". For both of the mentioned reasons, LFS is the "holy grail". And guess what - here we are.

We will be documenting our progress in this blog, both in textual and photographic form.

You are welcome to follow our progress, comment and participate. Heck you might even influence our progress in some form... Treat this like a "Hardcore Reality TV - NG" if you like.

Cheers and keep cool,